The SexiRamblers on a walk

What is this?

The Sexi Senderistas and Sexi Ramblers walking groups hike most weeks between October and May. Most of the walks are within an hour or so's drive of Almuñécar in Spain. It is totally free.

Why Sexi?

Although many of the walkers are sexy, the name has nothing to do with sex. Sexi was the name for Almuñecar before the Moors took control in the year 711. "Senderista" means rambler in Spanish.

Why 2 Groups?

Sexi Senderistas walks are more challenging and are about 16km long. The Sexi Ramblers walks tend to be between 5km and 10km. The Ramblers walks are organised by Lee Treasure and the senderistas walks are organised by Steve.

How to go on a walk?

There are two ways to receive information about the walks: either join our FACEBOOK GROUP or join our MAILING LIST.


Some of the people who lead walks are worried that if someone has an accident they could be held responsible. Just to make sure there is no doubt, anyone who goes on a walk must first read the DISCLAIMER.