Leading Walks

Lee Margaret and Steve

This group has the minimum bureaucracy possible. However it is worth saying a few things.

Anyone in the sexisenderistas can be a walk leader. To be a walk leader you must have actually done the walk (or most of the walk) yourself beforehand.

What normally happens is that someone takes the role of leader and posts walks once or twice per week but there is nothing against the rules if anyone else wants to post walks.

There is no set distance for any walk. You could post a walk of 300 metres along the beach or anything you like as long as you describe it correctly. Even posting a cycle ride would be acceptable.

Here is some information about leading walks.

We don't want to have to worry about any laws so all the walks are non commercial. It is just a group of friends going for a walk. Everyone is responsible for their own actions.

Before the walk: The walk must be posted in the Facebook group of the Sexi Senderistas. There must be an accurate description of the walk. You need to state the following: Meeting point. Meeting time. Length of the walk in distance. Approximate duration of the walk. Extra info: EG: River crossing, vertigo inducing, scrambling etc.

On the walk: The walk leader must decide the route and where to eat. The walk leader should decide when to have rests.

Considerations: The people on the walk may walk ahead of you then go the wrong way. There is no much you can do about this. It would be polite to wait a few minute at the point where the other people went the wrong way so that they can realise that nobody is following but ultimately if people have gone off and not worried about keeping the group together it is not your responsibility. This is one of the worst annoyances of being a leader.

It would be very impolite to post a walk which takes place at the same time as someone else's walk unless you have spoken to them or there is a running agreement to have walks of different difficulties at the same time.

BTW: Some people have insurance. For example if you are on a walk and have to call a helicopter it would be very expensive.