Cerro Gordo - Cantarriján: - Cañuelo

The SexiRamblers on a walk


This is a circular coastal walk from Cerro Gordo, to Playa Cantariján and Playa Cañuelo and then back. This walk is 9km long and takes approximately 4 hours to complete.


The route starts at the Mirador Restaurant near Cerro Gordo, where there is plenty of space to park. We walk down the old road to Playa Cantarriján, past the chringuito, through the car park, and across the river. We then zig-zag our way up to the top of the hill. It is important to take a the path to the right correctly. It is marked by stones across the path. There is some scrambling over rocks and this is where the more unfit people will struggle slightly but it doesn't  go on for long.  There are fantastic views of the bays below.  We then walk down to Playa Cañuelo, where we normally eat our sandwiches. Remember not to take the short cut to the beach behind the bar. Just go down the road. The final part of the walk is quite a strenuous uphill slog (you just have to take it at your own pace) back to the Mirador Cerro Gordo. What out for bicycles going fast on the asphalt road at the top. If you are lucky you might see some wild goats.  On the way down from the high point we pass a shrine to Ermita San Judas Tadeo or Saint Jude. He is the patron saint of desperate cases and lost causes. He should not be confused with Judas Iscariot who was known for his betrayal of Jesus. 

Distance 8.854 km
Duration 2 hours 57 minutes GPX ------ 3 hours 44 mins (Naismith)
Total Climb 605 m
Highest Point 218 m
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Note: The GPX time is the time on the GPX file. The GPX might not be accurate if during the walk the walkers went for a meal for example. Naismith is a formula based on distance and elevation.

Meeting Point: Mirador de Cerro Gordo

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