Molvízar: Lungbuster Walk

The SexiRamblers on a walk


This is a fairly strenuous walk up and around the hills above the village of Molvízar. The walk is 15.3km long and takes approximately 5.5 hours to complete.


The walk explores the Sierra de Molvízar. It involves an initial steep climb up to the ridge above Molvizar. This is a steep zig-zag up but the views from the ridge are amazing and you look down onto the Port of Motril. We then follow the ridge round and down, crossing the river before returning to the starting point.

Distance 15.153 km
Duration 5 hours 33 minutes GPX ------ 5 hours 54 mins (Naismith)
Total Climb 848 m
Highest Point 1033 m
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Note: The GPX time is the time on the GPX file. The GPX might not be accurate if during the walk the walkers went for a meal for example. Naismith is a formula based on distance and elevation.

Meeting Point: Molvízar Plaza de la Feria

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